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Zillow’s First 10 Years: A Video Timeline

From blastoff to 10 years, in the blink of a video.

10 Highlights of Working at Zillow

Employees have championed the company as one of the best places to work year after year, but what makes working at Zillow so great?

Zillow Benefit Named One of Glassdoor’s Top 20 Employee Benefits and Perks

Zillow Group offers free breastmilk shipping for nursing mothers who travel for work.

What I Learned by Observing Children Being Engineers

As I watched little people tackle the challenges presented to them with pure enthusiasm and creativity, I was struck by the fact that children are natural engineers.

Zillow Group Hosts First Kids Day of Engineering

Kids engaged in age-appropriate activities that would spark their interest in engineering, innovation and collaboration — all while having fun.

Best of Zillow Halloween 2015

Check out some of the best — and spookiest — competitors from this year’s celebration.

Zillow Group Prepares to Host First Kids Day of Engineering

Kids will participate in age-appropriate tech activities and some of Seattle’s top teachers will lead workshops.

Gorgeous Home Photos, All-New Videos — Zillow was Made for the New Apple TV

You can see amazing hi-def images of homes for sale nearby and entertaining videos in Zillow’s channel for the new Apple TV, available starting today.

Zillow Employees Dedicate Time to Innovation

Three weeks each year employees pursue new ideas and play with emerging technologies.

Zillow Employees Tough It Out for Team Building

Employees participated in the event known as “Tough Mudder,” an opportunity to test their strength and develop camaraderie with coworkers.

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